2014 is a “Wrap!”

Well, 2014 is a wrap.  I seem to punish myself in that I always buy boats at the end of the season.  This Trojan F-32 Hardtop marks the third vessel under my ownership.  I am excited to get my gear loaded and sort out all of the issues and get her in the water, but instead I am spendingbonnie2 the day getting it wrapped up for snow and ice.   There is a window of time in the winter that I can take care of a few inside projects if the weather is not too bad, but unfortunately, most of this work will have to wait until the spring.  I will be happy if I can get in there  to replace the carpeting in the salon and lay down a new floor in the galley area and perhaps get some sanding done on the teak work. Varnishing is probably out ofIMAG0810 the question until the weather is warm enough to allow it to cure properly.  I am not sure I want to be in there with a cover on with an open can of solvents!

I probably could remove the teak door panels in the salon, take them home to varnish them, and them put them back on. I am also considering installing some of the electronics that I will be bringing over from the the other boat.  I have new LED light fixtures to replace the overheads to install and I can work on how I am going to store all of my fishing gear.  The helm chair needs attention.  I bought a new seat, but the post is a bit ratty.  I think I can clean it up, but I would like to see what other options are available, such as a quick-release seat post.


I am looking forward to 2015 already!  So much to do, and so little time to do it.  Then it’s the mad rush to get it all done when the weather breaks and the fish bite. bonnie-04My plan is to get those covers taken off sometime in March, and the earlier the better.  Then I need to get to work on the punch-list items that are required before she splashes…  That consists of some rubbing compound on the hull, re-lettering the vessel, transducers for the fish graph, and some rub-rail repair.  Pretty much most of the rest can wait until she is in the water.  Nonetheless, I would like to have her ready to accept customers and ready to fish by April 15.