August 17 2013 Fishing Report

Popeye FIshing Charters Salmon and Trout sport Fishing 20lb King Chinook Salmon rack of fish
Captain Will and Mate Bob with 100LB rack of King and Coho Salmon with Steelhead and Brown Trout.

Fishing continued to be good to us with the rack of large fish. The Capt. and his guest Bob could hardly hold up the 100+ pounds rack of fish to pose for photographs.  We had an early start at 3:30 am and motored out to the fishing grounds.  We were set up before dawn when the first fish was on and we finished the day back at the docks by 9:00 am.

You always know its a good day fishing when you can’t even close the lid to the cooler!

Cooler full of Trout and Salmon!
Cooler full of Trout and Salmon!