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Fishing Report 5/14/15 Afternoon

What a better way to start off the season than a successful fishing trip?!?!?

We motored out of the marina south of Waukegan IL and set up near Great Lakes Naval Base.  Took a few minutes to set lines and and it was not before long when we had 4 fish on at once!  We stayed on a south bound troll and picked up better than half our limit, and turned back north and picked up the rest before we got back to Great Lakes.

The crew did an excellent job cranking in the fish and keeping an eye on the rods.  It was a pleasure having all of you aboard and looking forward to our summer trip and try and nail some big kings!

Coho Salmon on Bragging Board

Dave, Denny, and Rich with a limit of Coho Salmon.

Once we were back in the slip, the Captain cleaned up the fish.  Although these spring Coho Salmon don’t appear to be intimidating based on their size, but they are voracious

Fresh Coho Fillets
Fresh Coho Fillets

eaters and will continue to gain size and weight over the next few weeks.  What they lack in size right now, they make up for in deliciousness.

Thanks again fellas for making the trip up from down-state!  I look forward to having you out again.

Tight Lines!

First Fish of 2015

The Popeye IV is not in the water yet, but I was lucky enough to be invited onto another Captain’s boat for his first run of the year.   Due to a stroke of luck I just happened to be standing next to the first rod to get hit.  The First Fish cranked in was this healthy 12 pound King (Chinook) Salmon!

The rest of the trip was followed by a mixed bag of Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, and Lake Trout.  The weather was fantastic!  flat seas and reasonable temps for this time of year.

Looks like this season is off to a great start!

Capt. Bill with the first fish of the year. A 12 pound King Chinook Salmon.
Capt. Bill with the first fish of the year. A 12 pound King Chinook Salmon.


A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work…

Sunrise over Lake Michigan
Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Whoever said “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work” was dead on right!

It’s nearing the end of the 2013 season and fishing continues to be slower than average.  The weather was predicted to be horrendous this weekend so we did not book any trips.  But Mother Nature and the weather Gods gave us a break for a few hours and the Popeye III launched out of Waukegan Harbor, IL. for a quick morning trip.

The bite was not on, but we managed to put one nice Brown Trout into the cooler.  We had a monster on the hook; probably a mature Chinook, but it went sideways when we were just about to net it and it tangled with the rest of the gear and got cut off.  We took a few more hits on other gear but we could not managed to get them hooked up.

It was still fun to get together with some friends and fellow captains and mates for a little “Fun Fishing” trip and nothing beats a nice boat ride. There are only a few more possibilities for fishing trips before it is all over…

August 17 2013 Fishing Report

Popeye FIshing Charters Salmon and Trout sport Fishing 20lb King Chinook Salmon rack of fish
Captain Will and Mate Bob with 100LB rack of King and Coho Salmon with Steelhead and Brown Trout.

Fishing continued to be good to us with the rack of large fish. The Capt. and his guest Bob could hardly hold up the 100+ pounds rack of fish to pose for photographs.  We had an early start at 3:30 am and motored out to the fishing grounds.  We were set up before dawn when the first fish was on and we finished the day back at the docks by 9:00 am.

You always know its a good day fishing when you can’t even close the lid to the cooler!

Cooler full of Trout and Salmon!
Cooler full of Trout and Salmon!

July 27 2013 – Fishing Report

22.5 LB King Salmon
22.5 LB King Salmon

This is another monster fish hauled on on Popeye Fishing Charters.  This 22.5 LB King (Chinook) Salmon put up a heck of a fight and took more than 20 minutes to land.  Needless to say the guest who hauled her in was exhausted!  I believe this fish was set aside for possible mounting.

No pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow…

15 LB Rainbow Trout
15 LB Rainbow Trout

We found this chunky female Rainbow Trout down 65 feet deep in cold water.  We were fishing an area that was 175 feet deep and was holding cold water half way down.  We were on the look out for large bruiser Chinook when this mama hit the line.  It was a bit of a surprise find because the Rainbows typically prefer warmer water than we were fishing and do not mind being towards the top of the water column in the mid day.   Nonetheless she put up a fair fight stripping or yards and yards of line from the reel, but we got her home anyway.

They say that if you follow a rainbow to the end you will find a pot of gold…  Well there was no gold here and it look like I still have to keep my day job.