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Fishing Report 5/14/15 Afternoon

What a better way to start off the season than a successful fishing trip?!?!?

We motored out of the marina south of Waukegan IL and set up near Great Lakes Naval Base.  Took a few minutes to set lines and and it was not before long when we had 4 fish on at once!  We stayed on a south bound troll and picked up better than half our limit, and turned back north and picked up the rest before we got back to Great Lakes.

The crew did an excellent job cranking in the fish and keeping an eye on the rods.  It was a pleasure having all of you aboard and looking forward to our summer trip and try and nail some big kings!

Coho Salmon on Bragging Board

Dave, Denny, and Rich with a limit of Coho Salmon.

Once we were back in the slip, the Captain cleaned up the fish.  Although these spring Coho Salmon don’t appear to be intimidating based on their size, but they are voracious

Fresh Coho Fillets
Fresh Coho Fillets

eaters and will continue to gain size and weight over the next few weeks.  What they lack in size right now, they make up for in deliciousness.

Thanks again fellas for making the trip up from down-state!  I look forward to having you out again.

Tight Lines!

New Lettering!

I spent a day working on the hull because the lettering guy was ready to go. After removing the old letters, I prepped the surface with 600 grit wet sanding followed by 1000 grit. After several washings, I followed up with 3 passes of a heavy cut compound, then 1 pass with a medium cut. I did this on the transom and the forward areas that will receive the new lettering. I think the rest of the hull will buff out nicely with 1 pass of compounding followed by wax.

I did the lettering design myself and I am very pleased with the results and I think the read really POPS!