Look what I found!

I was rummaging through a bin of stuff I brought home from my new-to-me F32 and found this! I was impressed to see some of the factory documentation hand written. You sure

Trojan Yachts Original User Manual
Trojan Yachts Original User Manual

don’t see that anymore. The manual looks just about complete; there are a few electrical schematics in the back. I would like to give them another look to see if I can get a better idea of how things are connected. Nothing about plumbing however, but there is a list of where all the sea-cocks are located. Of course after 37 years and 2 or more previous owners, who knows how much is left in tact?

There is a lightweight Chrysler manual on there as well.

I have an older survey document that said the motors were 318’s, but my USCG Document has the motors at 250HP. I was originally disappointed that this vessel did not come with the 360’s but I was impressed that the 318 pumped out 250 horses when my Slickcraft’s 302’s were rated at 215. But this document confirms that she does indeed have the 360’s. She wont be a rocket, but she should move pretty good especially given that this is a hard-top sedan (no fly bridge)