Woodwork Progresses

I had planned on stripping and sanding most of the woodwork this month, but I was not expecting to be able to do any staining or poly.  The warmer than average temps made it possible to make progress.  I was able to heat the inside of the boat up to the mid 60’s with a small electric heater.

Here is the port site panel.  This terribly neglected interior has been the subject of years of sun damage and leaking windows sills.  I am still unable to determine if these water stains Popeye IV Trojan F-32 Port Side Panel before sanding.are from a leaky roof, or just from the occasional water spray that gets up and over the drain gutters.    I have 3 goals for this refurbishing project; it must make the boat presentable, it must be cost effective, and it must be done by the most efficient means possible. I removed the locker doors and the solid wood trim pieces to work on in the heated shop.  This gave me the opportunity for me to test a few methods and several products before continuing with the work.  I think the end result will be a dramatic improvement without sacrificing too much time and dollars.

This panel was taken down with a random orbit sander and 120 grit paper. It took of the outer layer of grime and original stain color and left a nice clean and smooth finish.
Popeye IV Trojan F-32 Salon area woodwork sanded and cleaned.You will see some shavings on the floor because  I tried hitting the wood with a block plane.  It was working pretty good and true to hand planes, left an extremely smooth and clean surface.  But unfortunately, the wood is not straight enough and flattening it in place would remove way to much material.  I would try removing it and and taking it back to the shop, but that would take way more time than I can afford.   I have good random orbit sander with the dust collection port and if I hook it up to the shop vac, it leaves behind very little dust.  The darn thing blew a belt and the dust was making a terrible mess.

Woodwork Progresses…

Popeye IV Trojan F-32 Salon area woodwork before sanding.You can really see the damage the sun has caused over the years.  There was a card table stored in this spot and most of the original mahogany color remains.  I don’t think this weed has ever been touched since it was new in 1978.

Here is the panel that was just done and ready to move onto the next.  I went with a darker stain that I would have liked; Minwax Red Mahogany. It’s very close to the original stain and it blends well with areas that are not sun bleached.

Popeye IV Trojan F-32 Saloon area woodwork sanded and cleaned.The original colors in the non sun-bleached areas are a little deeper and would require a more aggressive cut. This would take more time as I would have to go over it at least twice with different grits and these side panels are veneered and I would rather leave behind as much material as possible.  It’s a nice looking color however and I am happy with it so far.  I would have liked to get a layer of poly on this, but I thought it would be best to make sure it completely dried. I might get one more chance before the next cold snap.

Popeye IV Trojan F-32 Port Side Panel woodwork with mahogany stain.